We have a number of advisory groups which provide guidance and specialised input in relation to the development and progress of the HORIZONS Programme:

The Strategic Advisory Board (SAB)

The SAB acts as a mechanism to maximise the impact of the Programme and to offer advice on its overall progress. The Board critically advises on the strategic direction of the HORIZONS Programme and how to develop our strategy to share knowledge, methodological approaches and data for greatest impact. The Board is chaired by Professor Dame Jessica Corner and includes senior clinicians, academics, representatives from policy and Macmillan and patient representatives.

Scientific Advisors

A number of national and international experts in the field advise on a broad range of areas related to the HORIZONS Programme. The intention is that this will lead to mutually beneficial collaborations in the future. 

Tumour Specific Expert Panels (TSEPs)

TSEPs inform our methods and involve the disease specific National Cancer Research Institute's Clinical Study Groups (NCRI CSGs). Our TSEPs include people affected by the cancer type (patient / carer representatives), oncologists, surgeons, specialist nurses and researchers.

Data Monitoring Committee (DMC)

The DMC monitors recruitment progress and data quality and advises on data management and handling. The DMC also reviews requests to access study data from outside the HORIZONS Co-Ordinating Centre and advises on data sharing protocols.

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)

We have a long history of working closely with people affected by cancer to design, develop and deliver research programmes and projects (our Research Partners). We hold Knowledge Café events to bring together the public and people affected by cancer to support public understanding of engagement with, and involvement in, the HORIZONS Programme – please see our Events pages for when the next Knowledge Café will be held.